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Quads Chess Tournament

Time & Location

Check in @2pm

Games Start @2:30pm

10305 Compton rd Apartment 702



About the event

USCF sanctioned chess tournament

Quads format, G/45;d5

Registration is online only. 

Limited Capacity, 20 Players

Check in 2pm

Please arrive early to avoid delays



$10 for current United States Chess Federation (USCF) members

+ If needed $20 for USCF membership (below age 23)

+ If needed $45 for USCF membership (age 23 and up)

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What is Quads? 

A Quad Tournament is where all players are sorted from highest rating to lowest rating

The top four highest rated players are placed in one section (a Quad),

then the following 4 highest rated players are placed in another Quad.

The four players compete in a round-robin style tournament.

Each player plays three games, one against the other in their quad.

Why Quads?

In a regular Swiss tournament, high rated and low rated players are often paired to

play each other in the early rounds and dont face players their own

strength untill the later rounds.

With the Quads format, players will get quality games vs other

players of similar strength in every round.

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